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Why don’t FAIR SQUARED rubber products carry the Fairtrade logo?

The Fairtrade certification system covers a lot of products and raw materials, but does not include rubber. Natural rubber (latex is natural rubber in liquid form) is one of the commodities that is often traded on the world market below the cost of production. The Fair Rubber Association was founded with the aim to affect some change. Fair Rubber has developed fair trade criteria specifically for rubber. The payment of a fair trade premium of 0.50 Euro per kg DRC (dry rubber content) has helped many small scale rubber producers and plantation workers to improve their living and working conditions.

Fair Rubber: Fair Trade premium for natural rubber

At FAIR SQUARED we are all in where fair trade is concerned and happy that fairly traded latex is an option. For our condoms and all other rubber products we only use fairly traded latex from Fair Rubber certified sources. If you are interested in the work of the Fair Rubber Association, feel free to visit their website!

17. October 2018