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About us

Oliver Gothe

Actually, why is it FAIR SQUARED? What stands behind the name.

A question we are often asked is the one about our name. Often one or the other stumbles upon it. Although we have thought when founding the company that it’s quite intuitive and logical. Well, that’s obviously something you can make an mistake. 😉 So, literally translated into German FAIR SQUARED means the square of FAIR, FAIR2 so to say. Not less, not more. Since then, there are different versions which all fit the intention: We’d like to do our best for our partners all over the world. And as we’ve learnt throughout the years that fair trade really works, we’re still proud to carry the “fair” in our name. Ever since the founding, we have maintained the claim to be international and see ourselves as activists for complete transparency and creative ideas.

Fair as a team – that’s what we are

Fair trading conditions, environmental responsibility, and a strict “no” to child labour and animal testing – fairness for us is something which should be connected to all areas. What we also apply to FAIR SQUARED? A multicultural, strongly committed team with the demand of making the world a better place. By this, we not only combine these abilities in our team, but others worth mentioning. We are proud to announce that we are a company with adorable people who are strongly employed for the good.