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refreshingly sustainable – discover FAIR SQUARED


United in our passion for fair trade and sustainability, we are guided by the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set by the United Nations in 2015. We are particularly concerned about ending poverty and famine, access to clean water and sanitation, good healthcare and quality education, gender equality, the promotion of renewable energy, development towards responsible consumption, climate protection and the protection of life under water and on land. We realise this through cooperation with our seal partners and the associated ongoing independent auditing of our standards: The Fairtrade seal ensures a fair price for our producers as well as an additional price that must be used for development aid, i.e. to improve living conditions. However, as natural rubber is not a Fairtrade raw material, we are also a founding member of Fair Rubber e.V., an organisation that promotes the principles of fair trade. which applies the principles of fair trade to “rubber”. This means that our condoms and menstrual cups are also certified fair trade. The Vegan Society guarantees with its seal that our products are free from animal ingredients without exception. FAIR SQUARED is a safe choice for vegans and – as the majority of our products are also halal-certified – also for Muslims.


We rely on the power of nature. All of our FAIR SQUARED natural cosmetics are NATRUE-certified. This means that our products are made exclusively from natural ingredients. All products are free from genetically modified substances, microplastics, palm oil, mineral oils, petrochemicals, synthetic fragrances and artificial preservatives. The formulations of FAIR SQUARED products are developed in-house and constantly monitored.


In line with the SDGs on climate protection, we have also recognised the major problem of plastic packaging and acted accordingly. Only 9 per cent of the plastic waste generated worldwide is recycled, 12 per cent is incinerated and the majority of 79 per cent is landfilled or disposed of in the environment. This means that by 2050 there could be more plastic swimming in the sea than fish. We are determined to counteract this trend and have therefore removed all unnecessary plastic from our entire product range and switched to glass since April 2020. By introducing our zero-waste reusable system, we are making an additional contribution and extending the useful life of packaging from an average of 6 months to several years!

Fair trade relations, ecological responsibility and a consistent no to child labour and animal testing are of course also part of our principles. What else is part of FAIR SQUARED for us? A multicultural, committed team with the ambition to make the world a little bit better. Discrimination on any level (including sexism, racism, queerophobia, ableism) has no place with us and we take a clear stance against it.

Take a look around and discover our world of Fairtrade natural cosmetics made in Germany ♻️

Climate neutrality

You are no doubt following the discussion about the EU’s new “greenwashing” legislation.The focus here is particularly on statements about the climate neutrality of products and companies.FAIR SQUARED has also previously labelled its products as climate-neutral.Together with “Climate Partner”, we have consistently implemented this by calculating our CO2 emissions and offsetting them in various projects since 2017.You can find more information about our projects here:climatepartner.com/12554-1801-1001

We were and are convinced that the projects are a sensible way to offset our emissions.Due to the upcoming change in the legal situation in the EU, which will result in extremely high requirements for proof of climate neutrality and thus a considerable bureaucratic effort, we have already refrained from advertising our products and our company with climate-neutral statements since 1 January 2024.Please understand that there are still products with corresponding claims from productions before 2024 in the shops and also in our warehouse. It would be more harmful to the climate to destroy these goods than to sell them. Since 1 January 2024, all our products have been manufactured without corresponding advertising claims on the packaging.Irrespective of this, we as a company remain committed to climate protection and will not let up in our efforts to further improve the carbon footprint of our products.If you have any questions, please contact us at any time at info@fairsquared.com(as of February 2024)