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Our products

FAQ regarding our products

Where are FAIR SQUARED products manufactured?

Our products are made in Germany. Except our products made of fair trade natural rubber or cotton, which are produced directly on site in Sri Lanka, India and Thailand (e.g. condoms or menstrual cups).

How do I use your products correctly? Where can I find useful tips and more information?

Most products are self-explanatory, others have instructions on the packaging. For more specific categories / products, we have created our own guides, which can be downloaded here as PDFs and contain all kinds of helpful information.

Do FAIR SQUARED products contain palm oil or microplastic?

All FAIR SQUARED products are palmoil-free. We also explicitly instruct our suppliers not to use or purchase palm oil or palm oil derivatives for our products. Our cosmetic products are all NATRUE certified, you can find the criteria for this here. This also includes a sustainability component, as does the Fairtrade certification. FAIR SQUARED does not use microplastics in any of its products.

Why do products never have a Fairtrade share of 100%?

On the back of our packaging we always indicate the percentage of ingredients from fair trade sources and it may be noticeable that this is never 100%. First of all, we would like to emphasise that we source every ingredient Fairtrade whenever possible. But this is not always the case. A good example is water: it simply does not appear in the Fairtrade International list of raw materials and cannot be certified.

Some prices seem a bit high compared to conventional cosmetics, why is that?

Many of our products are handmade and in relatively small quantities, which of course has an effect on the product price. In addition, we guarantee fair wages for all parties involved and take a clear position against price dumping. Due to our high quality, the products are also often much more long-lasting than conventional cosmetics and therefore need to be purchased less frequently.
By the way: Every year we check our price lists and – if possible – we pass on any discounts directly to our customers, so that they too can always get our range of products at fair prices.