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Zero waste in the bathroom cabinet: here’s how to do it

Preventing waste has become a hot topic. Disposable, non-reusable packaging for food, consumer goods and last not least cosmetics are viewed critically because they are not environmentally friendly. We’ve all seen the images of rubbish strewn along coastlines, and fish and other sea creatures dying a slow painful death because they have ingested plastics. With this in mind a lot of people ask: ‘What can I do to prevent this?’ In this post we’d like to show you some simple ways to get a little closer to ‘zero waste’.

Zero Waste – is that even possible?

Zero Waste goes beyond the decision not to needlessly produce waste. The concept of Zero Waste means aiming to produce no waste at all. One step is to choose consumer goods that come without packaging. And just because occasionally there are no good choices and you end up buying something that is packaged doesn’t mean the whole concept doesn’t work. Many small steps can get you pretty close to a Zero Waste life.

Focus on what’s essential

In regard to the bathroom, ‘less is more’. If we are honest it doesn’t really need a lot of different care products to nourish our skin. Instead of giving in to the temptation to try every new product the cosmetic industry develops, we suggest to choose a small number of high quality products from a company with a good social responsibility standard.

Buy products with sustainably produced packaging

You probably already are aware that Zero Waste and Fair Trade are closely linked. We are convinced that we need to deal with each other, with the environment and with animals in a responsible manner if we want to protect our planet. Why would we buy good products, if the packaging is non-recyclable or even contains harmful materials? When you buy cosmetics think about packaging and sustainability, too.

Wherever possible buy goods in packaging that can be recycled

At FAIR SQUARED we are proud to have made Zero Waste into one of our core principles. By 2019 we want to do away with all packaging for our body lotions, hand creams and other care products. Our aim: everything you need to feel good and care for your skin from head to toe will be packaged in recyclable glass jars and bottles and other sustainably produced materials. In addition we will introduce a glass deposit return scheme via specialist shops, so that jars and bottles can be used multiple times. We’re all set for change and sustainability.

Period Cup and washable pads: products that help to avoid waste

Sustainably produced creams in environmentally friendly and recyclable packaging are not the only bathroom items that made us think about Zero Waste. How about using machine washable cleansing pads instead of one-time-only cotton wool pads? Feminine hygiene is another topic: by using a Period Cup you help to avoid a lot of waste and you save some money, too.

24. October 2018