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Seven simple tips for a life with less plastics

You don’t have to look far away to realize that one of our major ecological problems is made of plastics. All around our sidewalks, in forests, as well as rivers, creeks and at the beach – everywhere we find massive residues of our stage of civilization like plastic bottles, bags or other packagings. You are fed up with all of this and are looking for something to do about it? In this post, we bring up 7 easy tips for you which help to live a life with less plastic and therefore more sustainable.

Begin with a bag: the good cotton companion

The easiest way to save plastic when out or shopping, is very simple and cheap: Grab a cotton bag or one made of another fabric which suits you well and stow it into your back pack or hand bag. It is packed space-savingly and spares you a bag at every shopping trip. And besides, this bag made formerly from jute – a natural material – has gained a fashionable status nowadays.

Thin plastic bags for vegetables or fruits? No thanks.

In conventional, but sometimes even organic supermarkets, not all the veggies and fruits come without plastics. And you’ll find free thin plastic bags just next to the loose products. But there is definitely no need for that: Choose types of fresh fruits without packaging and bring your own if needed. Many places now offer reusable cloths made of cotton or nylon. Or take your DIY one with you. In need of a spot for unpackaged veggies? Visit farmers markets or some other small veggie stores just around the corner.

Coffee to stay or bring your own cup

Who of you does not know it, everywhere on our way to the office or university, coffee to go offers attract our attention. If you are one of those people enjoying their coffee on the way, there is one tip for you: treat yourself to a fancy reusable cup. Another tip for maximum slow pace and mindfulness: Choose to stay over to go and enjoy your drink right on the spot.

Drink water from the tap

A really simple hack, but many people shrink from it: drinking tap water. Instead of carrying heavy boxes of soda bottles, or worse: non-returnable bottles made of plastics, one can drink tap water without hesitation in Germany. As one of the most controlled aspects of food, there is nothing to say against the quality of drinking water in our country. And if you live in a place with very hard water: calcium is a essential mineral you should really supply your organism with.

It’s Period Time: menstrual cups or washable cloth pads

For all of those who have their menstrual flow, there are now various alternatives to cut down plastics. As a very popular one to tampons and sanitary pads, the so-called menstrual cups or period cups have gained people’s interest. Compared to other hygiene products, it does not absorb the flow but gathers it inside the body. Emptied regularly and cleaned, it cuts down the amount of numerous products which are among other things packed in plastics. And those who are interested in finding alternatives to conventional sanitary pads: There are DIY guides for sewing as well as offers for washable cloth pads on the internet.

Food canisters instead of disposable options for the sandwich

Not only as a school child but still as an adult we like to eat sandwiches during the day. Especially Germans who are well accustomed to the varieties of bread in their country. But why should we pack those just for transport reasons in foil which is thrown away directly after the meal? Instead use lunch boxes and food canisters made of stainless steel or other sustainable materials, choose reusable wax papers or cloths and bags which are made for the German version of the „Butterbrot“.

Say no to straws!

Sometimes, a simple „No, thanks“ can save resources. You don’t believe in that? Then you should order your next cocktail oder lemonade directly adding the sentence „Please without a straw“. Until the disposable plastic straws will vanish, there is still some time left, but it is up to you to respond with a friendly „No, thanks“ to the fact that the environment does matter to you. You don’t want to refrain from the comfort a straw offers? Be creative and take your own straw made of steel, glass, or bring a long, uncooked macaroni! 🙂

14. March 2019