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Indulge yourself with our FAIR SQUARED nail set – a perfect combination of functionality, style and sustainability to take your nail care to the next level. Measuring 14×8 cm and with four handy slip-in compartments, this handmade case not only offers ample space but also tells an exciting story.

The FAIR SQUARED nail set has been carefully designed not only to organise your utensils in style, but also to contribute to the environment. It combines practical elegance and offers compartments for your tweezers, nail scissors, cuticle scissors and file – all within easy reach and well sorted.

Originally, the idea was born to relieve our environment of plastic waste and to use resources more consciously, while at the same time creating awareness for sustainability in Sri Lanka. Today, this idea has become a reality and has developed into an established social project on the picturesque east coast of Sri Lanka.

By purchasing the FAIR SQUARED nail set, you are not only supporting your personal nail care, but you are also helping to support women in safe workplaces and reducing environmental impact. The nail set is available in different colours and reflects your individual needs and values.

Make a statement of sustainable elegance while keeping your nail care routine tidy. Welcome to the FAIR SQUARED nail set, where functionality and sustainability harmonise perfectly.

Contents Packaging EAN - Code
Set Blue 4260663814833
Set Green 4260663814840
Set Lime 4260663814888
Set Orange 4260663814857
Set Rose 4260663814864
Set White 4260663814895