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FAIRSQUARED straight razor

With bamboo handle incl. 5 razor blades. Environmentally friendly and sustainable, 100% plastic-free, zero-waste alter-native to disposable razors, unique due to distinctive grain, no laterally protruding blades.

  • When using, avoid strong pressure on the skin as well as lateral movement of the razor and too frequent shaving on the same skin area.
  • Pull the razor lightly over the skin, at most with its own weight. Avoid irritated areas of the skin.
  • Do not use the razor on sensitive and delicate skin or if you are prone to allergies.

Tips for usage

1. take the razor in your hand with the razor head facing down.
2. hold the head part in one hand to unscrew the bamboo handle with the other hand.
3. hold the razor head in your hand and place the handle near you. Lift the razor head - lower part from the razor head - upper part (part with screw). Take a new razor blade . Be absolutely CAREFUL! Hold the upper part of the razor head in one hand and grasp the razor blade with the thumb and forefinger of the other hand on the blunt sides.
6. Let the razor blade slide onto the punched pins. 7.
7. place the razor head - lower part back onto the pins of the razor head upper part. Make sure that the beveled edge of the razor head - upper part is facing down. Use your free hand to carefully screw the bamboo handle to the blade holder. Be careful to tighten the screw only enough so that it can be unscrewed without much force.
9. check the following points before each use of the razor:

- Is the shaver head free of dents or other defects?
- Is the razor head firmly screwed to the razor handle?
- Are there any cracks visible? Are the threads bent or worn?
- Are all parts properly assembled and fastened?